U.S. Marine Veteran Catches Falling Toddler From Burning Apartment


A veteran who was in the right place at the right time had saved the life of a toddler. On July 2, an apartment in Phoenix had witnessed both a miracle and a tragic event.

A tragedy because a mother named Rachel Long had lost her life from the fire in her apartment and a child had lost her mother.  A miracle because the life of a child was spared from the fire that took the life of his mother.

The survival of the boy from the burning apartment room was due to the perfect timing of a former high school football player and a former marine. The name of the boy’s hero is Philip Blanks.

Philip Blanks is a retired marine who had used his former high school football skills in saving the life of the boy.

The marine veteran came at the right timing

Blanks was visiting a friend’s home when he heard the commotion from the burning apartment. He went out of his friend’s apartment to witness the third floor of a building on fire. He saw the distressed face of the mother of the child before she threw out the child.

With the possibility of her child burning in the fire with her, she did what all mothers would do for their children. She gave him the best chance to survive even if it means that she had to sacrifice her life in the process.

The instincts of the veteran and fate immediately brought him close enough to be in the right spot at the right time to catch a falling child from the third floor of a burning apartment. Just in time before the child hit the ground, Blanks’ arm was there to catch him. The heroic act was caught on camera.

There were other incidents when children had faced death after being thrown out of the window by their parents. The son of Long was lucky to have Blanks to save him.



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Mother’s last sacrifice

Another child was also with the mother. Her eight-year-old daughter was also with her in the apartment. After saving her son, she immediately went back to the fire to save her daughter. A person had also helped save the child by going to the fire and getting the eight-year-old.

The name of the rescuer of the eight-year-old is D’Artagnan Alexander, a barber. He was on his way to work when he was also at the right place and the right time to offer help.

There were hundreds of firemen who responded to the incident. However, the mother, Long, was not saved.

The children will have their father to take care of them.

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