Toddler Dead Due to Heroin Overdose, Mother Charged With Manslaughter


A two-year-old boy from Pensacola, Florida died unexpectedly after ingesting alarming amounts of heroin. Before his death, David Blount was allegedly given Tylenol and cough syrup by his mother, Rosemary Freeney. However, in the morning, the toddler was found unresponsive.

The toddler was rushed to the hospital but was eventually pronounced dead-on-arrival. Later tests showed that the boy has a lethal amount of the illegal substance in his body. Law enforcement authorities visited the residence to investigate the toddler’s suspicious death.

In the home, police found 42 grams of heroin next to a small kitchen scale. In Blount’s autopsy report, the medical coroner declared that ‘acute heroin toxicity’ was the cause of death.

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Photo by B.A.D. on / CC BY-NC

In spite of the evidence, Freeney claimed that the drugs found in her house did not belong to her. Instead, she told cops that another man named Chuck was in their residence the night before. Freeney claimed that the heroin might have been Chuck’s possession.

The mother was charged with manslaughter for the death of her toddler. The child’s father, Trerideon Blount, also faces the same charges. In the past, he was arrested for illegal drug offenses. The two are currently awaiting trial in Escambia County Jail.

On the other hand, police are still investigating if the toddler accidentally ingested the illegal substance. As of now, it’s still not clear whether Freeney willingly gave her son the lethal dose, or if the toddler played with heroin and accidentally ingested it.

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