Benefits of Vaginal Birth: Tips for Having a Normal Delivery


Most pregnant women are hoping to have a normal vaginal delivery. When compared to a c-section, normal delivery has its perks not only for baby but also for mommy.

Normal delivery is the natural way of giving birth, without the need for invasive procedure or operation.

Unfortunately, not all pregnant women have the option to have a normal delivery. According to research, 1 out of every 3 expecting mothers will undergo a cesarean section due to complications in labor or pre-existing health conditions.

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Benefits of vaginal childbirth

1. Faster recovery

Women who give birth via normal delivery are more likely to recover faster from childbirth. For an uncomplicated vaginal birth, the mother can already go home from the hospital after 24-48 hours.

2. Avoid side effects of major surgery

Some of the associated risks with C-section are severe bleeding, scarring, infections, and reactions to anesthesia. If you have a normal delivery, you’re less likely to exhibit these effects.

3. May sooner enjoy bonding time with baby

Mothers who give birth via normal delivery may begin breastfeeding and bonding with their infants right away.

4. Babies receive a good dose of bacteria

According to experts, when an infant passes through the birth canal, they get a dose of good bacteria which can boost their immune system and improve their intestinal tracts.

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Factors of having a normal delivery

As an expecting mom, what can you do to have a normal delivery? Not all women can give birth naturally. If you have any pregnancy complications, your midwife or doctor might require a C-section.

Several factors come into play that can improve your chances of having normal childbirth. Even though they cannot 100% guarantee that you will give birth naturally, these factors can help in determining if you can achieve a normal delivery.

1. You are not overweight
2. You do not have any complications during pregnancy
3. You had normal vaginal delivery in your previous pregnancies
4. You are physically active
5. Your blood pressure, blood sugar, and hemoglobin are at normal levels.

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Tips to have a normal delivery

If you are planning to have a normal delivery, here are some tips you can follow during pregnancy:

1. Stay healthy

Stay physically and avoid unhealthy lifestyle choices during your pregnancy.

2. Let your doctor know

If you are planning to deliver your baby normally, let your doctor know early in your pregnancy. By establishing your birth plan, your midwife or attending OB can also give tips and advice.

3. Exercise is key

In order to prepare yourself for labor, build up your stamina by staying fit and active during your pregnancy. Experts recommend trying kegel exercises to help improve your pelvic region.

4. Avoid stress

Throughout your pregnancy, it’s better to avoid stress. Do not dwell on the negative and find ways to calm yourself, such as meditating or listening to music.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if a woman gives birth via normal delivery or C-section. No matter what procedure you might take, all mothers experience pain and sacrifice during childbirth.

What truly matters is that both the baby and the mother are healthy and safe.

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