Texas Woman Charged for Death of 1-Year-Old Infant


A Texas baby suffered a tragic end at the hands of her grandfather’s live-in girlfriend. In 2018, the 1-year-old infant died after weeks of horrific abuse.

The victim was squeezed, punched, and slapped by the suspect. Recently, the court had finally reached a verdict for the case.

Source: StockSnap/Photo by Candace McDaniel from StockSnap

Shayla Boniello, the 30-year-old partner of the victim’s grandfather, was immediately taken into the custody of the police for the endangerment of little Patricia “Annie” Rader, 1-year-old.

According to Crime Online, Rader was slapped, squeezed, and punched by Boniello. Boniello’s reason for such acts were determined to be due to frustration. During that time, little Annie was in the temporary custody of her grandfather.

In an interview with the investigators, Boniello admitted that she squeezed the baby tightly until she can no longer move. A court affidavit stated that she squeezed her “until she felt her bones begin to pop and crush.”

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On December 3, 2018, the home of Annie’s grandfather was raided by the police to save the child. However, the rescue was too late. They found little Annie in the house of her father without any signs of life.

On the day of the gruesome discovery, Boniello was immediately taken into the custody of the police. She was charged with child endangerment and murder of the poor baby.

Recently, Little Annie finally received justice for her death as a court decides on her case. Boniello was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for the case of capital murder.

Some people whose lives have been touched by the Texas baby were not happy with the decision of the court, according to KXXV. They claimed that Boniello should receive the death penalty. They believed that she was not given any mercy by Boniello and that Boniello should also not be given any.

It was reported that Boniello had a traumatic brain injury in the past. Also, she had no records of violence in the past. This may be some of the reasons why she was not given a death penalty sentence.

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