Teenage Girl, 16, Hangs Herself Near Stable After Mom Told Her to Ride Slower


A teenage equestrian from Wales hangs herself after her mother told her to slow down while riding her pony.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Karoly Lorentey from Budapest, Hungary

The Teenage Equestrian and Her Potential

The teenage equestrian named Brodie Morgan had a small misunderstanding with her mother, Emma Webb. It was reported by New York Post that Emma had advised Brodie to slow down while she rode her horse. Her mother noticed that her daughter was riding her pony too fast.

Her emotions may have been influenced by the recent death of her grandfather and a close friend.

With these events, Broddie’s mental well-being was significantly affected. This had led her to decide to take her own life. In March, she decided to take her life by hanging herself.

According to the article, Emma told 16-year-old Brodie that she will not permit her to go to the weekend show if she did not slow down while riding her horse. However, the teenage equestrian replied to her mother saying that she will not ride her horse anymore.

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Those Who Loved Brodie

When Webb found that Brodie’s horse still had its saddle and Brodie nowhere to be found, Emma immediately reported the disappearance of her daughter to the authorities.

Brodie’s lifeless body was discovered by her friend Jemma Ellison. Brodie had hanged herself next to the stables. Two truck drivers tried to revive her but she was not able to survive.

Before her death, she sent a Snapchat message to her friends. She expressed her love for them.
Those who loved and admired Brodie will never see her grow in her equestrian career.

Before she died, she was featured in the Horse and Hound magazine.

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