‘Super Baby’ Born Healthy After Both Parents Tested Positive for COVID-19


A newborn from Singapore is being hailed as a ‘super baby’ after being born healthy to two COVID-19 positive parents. When Baby Boaz was born on April 26, he defied the expectations of the doctors. Despite both of his parents tested positive for coronavirus, Baby Boaz was born healthy.

The ‘super baby’ was born to Natasha and Pele Ling, who both came from London. Straits Times reported that the couple was worried about the rising cases of COVID-19 in the UK. So before the mother entered 36 weeks of her pregnancy, they flew back to Singapore to deliver the baby.

Photo: Instagram/Peleling

But three days after their arrival, their worst fears were confirmed: both Natasha and Pele tested positive for coronavirus. The husband was the first to exhibit symptoms and he immediately went to get tested, leaving Natasha fearing for the health of their baby.

The mother was worried not only for herself but also for the health of her unborn baby. Hospital staff informed Natasha that if she tested positive for COVID-19, her baby would be taken away and they will not be allowed to hold him for a week.

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Photo: Instagram/Peleling

During her check-up, doctors saw no sign of the virus in the mother’s placenta or umbilical blood. The doctors waited for both parents to get double negative tests before finally getting discharged.

Finally, after weeks of waiting, Baby Boaz was born at 4 p.m. on April 26, weighing 3.7 kgs. With their baby being born in perfectly good health, Natasha and Pele breathed a sigh of relief.

“The infectious disease doctors told us he’s a super baby, a super Singaporean baby,” says the father, who’s truly happy to finally see their baby.

Baby Boaz was the first-ever newborn in Singapore who was born from both parents who tested positive. This led doctors to believe that Baby Boaz might be the first infant in Singapore to be born with COVID-19 antibodies. However, whether or not he’s immune to the disease is still being studied.

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