Wearing Face Masks May Cause Suffocation Among Toddlers


The world is still in the process of getting used to face masks and social distancing.

The coronavirus pandemic had caused a lot of changes in the world. Many healthcare systems and economies were challenged with the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases.

The increasing number of coronavirus cases had resulted in many orders of lockdowns and stay-at-home rule. This had resulted in many businesses temporarily postponing their operations and many of the workforce being left unemployed during the lockdowns and quarantine orders.

Although, people were permitted to leave their homes only for essential reasons such as for purchasing medicines and grocery shopping. Many of the population were advised to wear facemasks. However, is there a possibility of suffocation from wearing face coverings?

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Suffocation from Facemasks?

baby and mom during a coronavirus pandemic

Leaving your home means you have to protect yourself from the novel coronavirus. They can do this by properly observing social distancing. Also, they can wear face masks. However, do these rules apply to children? Does wearing a face mask cause other risks to children? Is It worth the risk?

In the United Kingdom, the government advises the public to allow children under the age of 11 to not wear face masks. The reason for this order is the prevention of suffocation from wearing face coverings. Other individuals, regardless of their age, who have medical issues that would make breathing difficult with a face mask on can opt not to wear one. 

Despite this advice from the government, there were still face masks made for children and babies that are being traded online. According to the government, choking and suffocation can occur among children who are made to wear face masks or any kind of face coverings.

Preventing Suffocation or COVID-19

Photo: Pexels/Gustavo Fring

Wearing a facemask is essential for preventing the transmission of tiny infected droplets from sick people. However, a struggle that everyone has to endure while wearing one is breathing. Also, there is a potential danger of consuming too much carbon dioxide

The rule to allow children not to wear face masks can help prevent minors from getting their airways obstructed. However, if children who are showing COVID-19 symptoms are observed, they should get a test and remain at home until the result of the coronavirus test is provided.

Most face masks are designed to be worn by adults and not children. The thickness of many facemasks being made today can cause breathing difficulties among children, especially among infants. 

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