Mother Sold Her Premature Twin Babies to Buy a Brand New Cellphone


For many parents, their kids are their motivation to earn money and work hard. But for this mother, she saw her kids as an opportunity to earn easy money. It sounds like a made-up story, but unfortunately, it’s the reality for this mother who sold her twin babies.

A 20-year-old mother named Ma from Zhejiang Province earned the wrath of the netizens after she sold her twin babies in exchange for money way back in September 2019.

According to Asian Parent, the mother gave birth to twin baby boys. The twins were premature and were immediately put in an incubator.

Taking care of two premature infants is not an easy task. During Ma’s pregnancy, she was allegedly abandoned by Wu, the father of her babies. Her parents also refused to provide her any financial support. Dismayed at her early pregnancy, Ma’s parents disowned her.

The stress, added with her traumatic childbirth, prompted Ma to resort to extreme measures. She admitted to selling her twins for 65,000 Chinese yuan, or more than $9000.

Photo: Weibo/dskbhz

Ma sold her twin boys to two different families. According to the authorities, the mother used the money to buy a brand new cellphone and to pay off her credit card bills.

Soon enough, her former partner Wu discovered that the mother sold their twins. But instead of taking them back, Wu demanded to have a share of the money. The mother agreed and split the money with Wu. The police were able to track both of them down and they were eventually arrested.

Authorities also tracked down the families who bought the babies. They were able to track the other baby in Anhui Province, while the other one was in Shandong Province. If it weren’t for the police’s intervention, the twins will surely be parted from one another forever.

In the meantime, the twins are being taken care of by Ma’s parents. On the other hand, Ma and Wu will be facing charges for selling their twins.

In China, child trafficking is considered illegal. If proven guilty, a person can spend up to 10 years in jail for selling a child. The same also goes for the families or anyone who bought the child.