Mother Arrested for Murder After Jamming Wet Wipe Into Her Infant Son’s Throat


There are many instances when toddlers get something stuck on their throat. Many had resulted in fatalities while others survive to hear about the tale when they get older. A months-old baby from the Crawford County in Arkansas was not able to breathe due to a wet wipe stuck on his throat.

Dying From A Wet Wipe

Nancy Williams, the mother of the baby who died from not being able to breathe due to a wet wipe being stuck on his throat, did not immediately tell the medical responders what happened to her baby.

An article stated that Williams did not immediately inform the first responders about the wipe stuck on her baby’s throat. The first responders were doing CPR to the baby to revive him.

It was difficult to save the baby as they were not immediately informed about the wipe on his throat. They did everything they can to save the infant. However, it was too late. The baby had lost his air supply due to the material that got stuck on his throat.

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Suspect had difficulty feeding

According to Williams, she was having difficulties bottle feeding her baby. She stated that she forced that baby bottle on his son’s mouth. The incident resulted in her baby crying louder and his gums to bleed.

She used a wet wipe to clean the blood coming from her baby’s gums. Accidentally, the wet wipe went inside the throat of the baby. She panicked when she lost sight of the wet wipe. She called her husband for help.

It was reported that Williams will be facing a first-degree murder case for the death of his months-old baby boy. She was arrested on Friday. A day after the incident occurred. She is under the custody of the Crawford County Detention Centre. She is on a $1 million bond.

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