Baby Survives Six Hours in Morgue Freezer After Being Mistakenly Declared Dead


In Mexico, a baby miraculously survives after being placed in a refrigerator in a hospital morgue. The miraculous baby was found to have shown signs of life after its body was about to be picked by a funeral home.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/ceejayoz

The Miraculous Baby

At 23 weeks, a premature baby was delivered in a hospital named La Margarita in Mexico. However, the baby was pronounced dead by its doctors. It was left in a refrigerator in a hospital morgue. The hospital refrigerator where the baby was placed is also used by the hospital to store limbs of patients.

What shocked many of the hospital’s staff and the public was the recent announcement that the formerly declared dead baby had shown signs of life after being placed inside a hospital fridge for six hours.

In an article, it was narrated that the miraculous baby was about to be transferred to the possession of its parents when the funeral home that was about to ready the baby for its funeral had seen that the baby was moving. The staff of the Funeraria Flores witnessed how the baby moved while inside the refrigerator.

The funeral home requested the doctor who signed the baby’s death certificate to see the baby. The father of the infant was called to see his baby.

In a video, the father of the baby was sobbing with happiness after seeing his child breathing, moving, and crying. On camera, the miraculous baby was moving after being freed from the hospital’s refrigerator.

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The Actions

Currently, the incident is still under observation by the authorities. The authorities are still determining who is to blame for the mistake. The simple mistake could have caused the life of the baby if it was discovered in the hospital fridge sooner.

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