‘Miracle Baby’ Born at 22 Weeks Weighing Just 1lb Finally Goes Home


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we all need a ray of hope now more than ever. And this little angel’s brave story will surely brighten your day. A miracle baby who was born prematurely has been finally discharged from the hospital.

Baby Lilly was born on December 9. During that time, she was only 4 months or 22 weeks in the womb! At birth, the miracle baby weighed just 1lb and 2oz, or just 510 grams. The normal birth weight for a healthy newborn is around 3.5kgs.

Photo: News Sky

Due to her fragile condition, Baby Lilly received round-the-clock medical attention. In cases when a baby is born prematurely, he is kept in an incubator to protect him from infections or allergens.

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A large team at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital joined together to look after the miracle baby. Baby Lilly had to undergo major surgery due to bleeding in her brain. She was also treated for three infections.

In spite of her complications, Baby Lilly fought bravely. Finally, after weeks of staying in the hospital, she was finally allowed to go home with her parents! By this time, the miracle baby had already grown so much. From almost half a kilogram, she now weighs 5lb 8oz or 2.5 kgs.

Photo: ExpressandStar

Baby Lilly will be coming home with her delighted parents, Tayla Menear and Shane Rumbles, who are also excited to finally be with their baby. Since she needs more attending, a specialist support assistant will also look after Baby Lilly.

On the other hand, consultant neonatologist Dr. Priya Muthukumar, who was one of the staff who looked after Lilly, claimed that she seems to be “looking pretty good.”

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