Leopard Drags Away 10-Year-Old Girl, Her Partially-Eaten Remains Discovered in Field


A leopard attack once again wreaked havoc in the minds of people in a village in India. It was reported that an Indian girl was another addition to the leopard attacks in the area.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Art G. from Willow Grove, PA, USA

The Indian Girl and Death

The name of the victim of the leopard attack was Fiza. She lives in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.

On the day of the attack, Fiza was with her friends. Fiza was playing with her friends. They were in the forest in their makeshift huts when the attack occurred. From the bushes came a majestic leopard. The Indian girl was no match for the strength of the great cat.

Fiza’s friends could not do anything to help her. Instead, her friends went to the village to alert their community. They reported the incident to the elders. Then, the incident was reported to the authorities. After searching the forest, forest officials were able to retrieve the body of Fiza. Fiza had lost her life from the attack. Some parts of her body were devoured by the big cat.

After finding the body of the Indian girl, the authorities were able to identify that it was indeed a leopard that took and killed her. Pugmarks helped identify what it was.

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The Dangerous Leopard

Leopards are big strong cats that can weigh up to 176 pounds. It can grow to a length similar to a grown-up man. Their natural habitats include India, China, and Africa.

There are times that these cats had hunted dogs and humans when they get in close contact with a village. The leopard may have gone too close to the village of Fiza which led it to attack the Indian girl.

Aside from their incredible strength on land, they are also awesome swimmers. That is why they also enjoy feasting on crabs and fishes.

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