Father Jailed for Causing Brain Injuries to Infant While Feeding



A seven-week-old infant has suffered 70% brain damage after being forcefully fed by his father. The father, Jorhde Alex Jacob, forcefully fed the baby while the mother was at work.
According to news report, the 23-year-old father was trying to feed his twin sons. He admitted that he was sleep-deprived and under the influence of illegal substances, which is why his tempers flared while feeding the infants.

During their 10 a.m. feeding session, Jacob was feeling frustrated when one of the twins refused to feed and was crying incessantly. He then forcefully rammed the bottle into the infant’s mouth until it stopped crying.

After that, he then tried to burp the baby by forcefully by clenching his jaw, which left a large bruise on the baby’s face. He then put the baby to sleep and continued to feed the other twin.


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When the mother came home, she immediately noticed that the other twin was acting strangely and refused to feed. At 7 p.m., the mother took the baby to the hospital after he experienced seizures.

The infant was in critical condition. Upon examination, doctors found that he had a fracture in his left leg, which was considered as ‘non-accidental.’

Scans showed the extent of the damage in the newborn’s brain. He suffered from retinal hemorrhaging and head trauma. He was also suffering from seizures. For a week, the baby had to be incubated while under medications to stop the seizures and spasms.

According to pediatricians who examined the baby, his brain injuries will likely cause irreversible damage in his physical development. Court documents stated:

“Indications are it is highly likely he will have significant brain damage with associated effects on his sight, hearing, and physical development.”

Photo: Unsplash/Sharon McCutcheon

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The father was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with reckless disregard and sentenced to three years in jail. His defense team claimed that Jacob suffered from “momentary loss of self-control” and has expressed regret with what he’s done.