Heroic Boy Sacrifices Life to Save Mother From Being Assaulted


A brave and loving Russian minor had met a tragic end after saving his mother from a potential sexual assault and murder. 

A Mother’s Hero

Vanya Krapivin, the 15-year-old Russian boy who defended his mother during an attempted assault had passed away. 

According to reports, the attacker was their 37-year-old neighbor named Roman Pronin. When Vanya saw his mother being attacked by Pronin, he immediately reacted to save his mom’s life. He had hit Pronin with a 6-pound dumbbell. It was enough distraction to prevent the assaulter from raping his mother. However, the attacker was strong and was able to hurt both the mother and Vanya.

Vanya has been stabbed by Pronin 27 times and he suffered severe injuries in his head. Both were found unconscious by their other neighbors.

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Victim sustained 27 stab wounds

Vanya was able to recover from the 27 stabs he acquired from the attack of their neighbor. However, a part of Vanya’s brain was removed by his doctors for him to survive. Vanya had gone into a coma for nine months.

After nine months in a coma, the boy was able to open his eyes again. He was placed in a wheelchair. He was also able to recognize those who took care of him such as his nurse. 

His mother rarely visited him even after he woke up from the coma. It was reported his mother blames herself for what happened to her son. 

After 19 months since the tragic assault of Pronin, Vanya was supposed to travel to Spain for additional medical treatment for his further recovery. However, he passed away due to complications from the flu he contracted before going to Spain. 

The attacker of Vanya and his mother is under investigation by the authorities as he was reported to have been released from jail. 

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