Grandmother Slaps Crying Child in Subway For Not Wearing a Face Mask


In a Shanghai metro line, grandmother was caught on camera slapping a child. The video had circulated social media in China, and it earned the flak of many online.

Grandma slaps kid for not wearing face mask

According to reports, the child was slapped by her grandmother while they were on the subway. The savage act of disciplining the crying child was made in broad daylight in front of other commuters.

For commuters in China, everyone is required to wear a face mask. The grandmother got mad at the child for not wearing a face mask inside the packed train.

At first, it was believed by many that the grandmother was a human trafficker. However, after an interview, it was found out that she was the grandmother of the child. Also, it was reported that the grandmother had hurt the child because of the rule that every commuter should wear a face mask.

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Video drew flak online

The video of the grandmother hurting her grandchild in the subway for not wearing a mask had circulated the social media users in China. Many people had expressed their opinions about the incident.

Some believed that the grandmother’s way of disciplining her grandchild was too much and humiliating experience for the child. However, there was one person who stated that those people who were against the way how the grandmother discipline her grandchild may not have a naughty or hard-to-discipline child in their home.

COVID-19 Cases

The world is still in a battle with the novel coronavirus. Vaccines and proposed cures for COVID-19 are still in the trial and discovery stage. This means that there is still no official vaccine or cure to the deadly illness. It means that people will still need to take extra precautions by regularly wearing their face masks and observe social distancing.

The grandmother may have disciplined her grandchild in the subway to protect her from the novel coronavirus by making her wear a face mask.

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