Former Detective Among 5 Men Arrested in Child Sex Sting in Arizona


After months of grueling operation and investigation, law enforcement authorities in Arizona were able to arrest five men due to charges related to child exploitation. Among the five suspects was a former detective who was released on bail for similar charges.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) worked with Arizona Department of Public Safety detectives during the sting dubbed as “Operation Home Alone 20.” The multi-day sting operation occurred between August 26 to September 3.

Authorities nabbed 5 suspects

Photo: Fox 2

In a statement from HSI, they identified the five suspects as Ryan Kellerman, age 36, Daniel May, age 40, Matthew Salley, age 38, Jordan Holloway, age 26, and Christopher Butts, age 44. All of the suspects are currently held at the Pinal County Jail.

On August 26, May and Salley, both from Maricopa, were arrested and charged for luring a minor for sexual exploitation. Holloway was busted the following day and is facing the same charges.

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The next sting occurred on September 2 and 3, when authorities arrested Butts from Phoenix and Kellerman from Maricopa. The latter was a suspect in an on-going child pornography case.

According to Fox 2, Butts is a former detective who worked at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. He is currently out on bail for charges related to child exploitation and furnishing harmful items to a minor way back in February.

Investigation still on-going

Scott Brown, special agent in charge of HSI Phoenix, claimed that they aim to arrest these suspected predators who are trying to take advantage of the youth.

“HSI, working alongside our law enforcement partners, is deeply committed to pursuing alleged predators lurking within our communities seeking to harm and exploit our most vulnerable population.

“This multi-agency effort epitomizes our on-going mission in Arizona and is a testament to the men and woman who are working these heinous cases.”

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