Best Exercises to Get Rid of Post-Baby Weight


Having the ability to bear a child proves that women are extraordinary and strong humans. After giving birth to your baby, the next challenge you will be having is the sleepless nights, tiring days, and the challenge of losing that post-baby weight and belly. Here are some exercise tips you can try to get rid of those extra pounds you gain during your pregnancy:

Heel Slides Exercise

Heel slides are done while you lie on your back. You will have to bend your knees as you flex your left foot with your heel on the ground. In this exercise, you will be using your abdominal muscles as you flex your foot. You will be doing this as you inhale and exhale. 

The benefit of doing this exercise is that it supports your core and strengthens your lower back. 

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Pelvic Tilts Exercise

 If you had undergone normal delivery, then you can do pelvic tilts a week after giving birth. However, if you have undergone a C-section, then you should wait at least eight weeks to try this exercise. 

In doing the pelvic tilts, you have to place a clean yoga mat or anything that will support your back as you lay on the floor and a pillow. Place it on your lower back. After laying on the floor, slightly bend your knees. Then, inhale and exhale. 

This exercise can help improve the strength of your abdomen. 

Pelvic Bridge

You can include the pelvic bridge in your exercise routine after six weeks of giving birth. You can do this by lying on your back and bending your knees with both your feet apart from each other. You will be tilting your hips as you twist your abdomen. As you do this, you inhale and exhale. 

This exercise can help strengthen your lower back and buttocks.  

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