Dad and Stepmom Convicted for Maltreatment and Murder of Children


A father, evil stepmother, and extended family got a verdict for the maltreatment and death of two teenagers. The remains of two teens were discovered in Georgia, in the backyard of the family’s home.

In the backyard of the home of Elwyn Crocker Sr. and Candice Crocker, the dead bodies of two teenagers were discovered by the authorities in 2018. The two teenagers were found to be the remains of Elwyn Crocker Jr. and Mary Crocker. They were the stepchildren of the evil stepmother.

Based on the report of Crime Online, it was believed by the investigators that Mary may have been dead for more or less two months before the discovery of her remains.

On the other hand, Elwyn Crocker Jr. was last spotted by those who knew him more or less two years before his remains were dug up in his family’s backyard in the Azalea Point subdivision.

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Entire family guilty of maltreatment

It was reported that Mary and Elwyn Jr. were maltreated by their father, stepmother, and extended family. They were starved and neglected. They were placed in a dog cage and were left there without any clothing.

The people who were involved with the crime were Elwyn Crocker Sr., the father of the victims, and Candice Crocker, the stepmother of the teenagers. Mark Anthony Wright, the adult son of Elwyn, and Kimberly Renee Wright, the mother of Candice, were also those who were charged with the crimes.

The boyfriend of Candice’s mother, Roy Peter was also involved with the case. These people were the extended family of teenagers. They were all charged with multiple crime charges such as murder, cruelty to children, and false imprisonment.

The evil stepmother was sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole. She was not given the death penalty.

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