How Children Can Become Dangerous Silent Spreaders of COVID-19


With the presence of COVID-19 symptomatic and asymptomatic patients, no one can be safe from the virus despite the frequent temperature and symptoms checks among the public. Some people do not feel any symptoms of the illness but could be carriers of the novel coronavirus. These are the silent spreaders of COVID-19. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Vincenzo Mainardi

Children as Silent Spreaders of COVID-19

It was reported in an article the dangers of allowing children back to school premises without significant measures to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak.

These findings reveal a possible risk to adults such as their relatives and school staff when school starts.

The temperature checks and checking of COVID-19 symptoms among children may not be sufficient to prevent the transmission of the virus because some patients do not showcase COVID-19 symptoms but are carriers of the deadly virus.

However, some research claims that children are not significant silent spreaders. They claim that daycare centers had been open during the earlier parts of the pandemic but there were no outbreaks reported.

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Asymptomatic children and those who are vulnerable to the virus

Photo: Pexels/Gustavo Fring

There many COVID-19 cases among children who only suffered mild versions of the illness. Children who are carrying the novel coronavirus in their system but are not showing symptoms can become a great threat to adults and those who are vulnerable to the illness. 

Children with COVID-19 who live with their extended families such as their grandparents could transfer the illness to them.

This is the risk of silently spreading the virus to family members, school staff, and teachers. This opens the possibility of the further spread of the novel coronavirus in the community. 

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