Celebrity Moms Who Were Mom-Shamed on Social Media


Despite the fame, privileges, and successes, there are times when celebrities are receiving negative vibes from various sources. As personalities, they are often freely judged by the public. Social media had become a platform for those who enjoyed commenting on various topics. Celebrities, including celebrity moms, are no exception to these topics.

As a mother, you only want the best for your children. However, some celebrity moms have also experienced being criticized on social media. Called ‘mom shaming,’ some people called out these moms for their parenting fails.

Here are some instances when celebrity moms have been judged by the online community through social media:

Rapper: Cardi B

Photo: IG/Cardi B

Cardi B is one of the celebrities who recently entered motherhood after giving birth to her child Kulture. Some people on social media noticed Cardi B’s long nails and said that she should not have long nails while caring for her child. To answer the criticisms she received, she shared a message to her daughter about not caring about what others are saying. 

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Celebrity Singer: Pink

Photo: IG/Pink

Pink was not also spared by the social media community on judging her parenting skills. There was a time when the online community commented on their disapproval of Pink showing a photo of her son naked on social media.

Celebrity Wife of Prince Harry: Meghan Markle

Photo: IG/Meghan Markle Official

Meghan Markle has been receiving criticisms from the public. Her marriage with Prince Harry had allowed her to become the mother of a handsome baby boy. However, being a celebrity mother. She was not exempted from being criticized as a celebrity mom. She was even judged for reading a storybook to her son, Archie. The event was for a charity. 

Former Disney Child Star: Hilary Duff

Photo: IG/Hilary Duff

The former Disney child star, Hilary Duff, had also received criticisms from the online community. She was even judged on how she fed her baby. She responded to the criticisms by saying that that is how she feeds her children and she will do it her way and not how others say as that is how her baby can get nutrition. 

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