Baby Born With Just 2% of His Brain Defied Odds, Hailed as a Medical Miracle


A woman who was repeatedly advised by doctors to terminate her pregnancy due to health complications witnessed a miracle. Noah Wall was born with just 2% of his brain, but he defied the odds and went on to become a medical marvel!

Baby survives birth defects

Photo: Daily Mail

When Noah was born, his brain was only 2% of a regular-size brain. He was born with hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is a medical condition where excessive cerebrospinal fluid had accumulated on the baby’s brain.

During the pregnancy, the baby’s parents, Shelly Wall and Rob Wall, were advised five times by their doctors to terminate the pregnancy with Noah. However, Rob and Shelly were determined to bring Noah the best hope at life.

In 2012, Noah was born. The doctors were shocked to discover that the infant was born with a brain that is 2% of a normal-sized brain. Noah was also diagnosed with other conditions, and they worried that he will be physically and mentally disabled for the rest of his life.

Despite the many health complications of baby Noah, his parents were determined to support their newborn son until he recovers, according to Daily Mail.

“It’s a very emotive subject. Some people say you can’t grow a brain. Other people say it must have always been there. But if it was and squashed up it would have been so severely damaged he would have been very mentally and physically disable,” says Noah’s father.

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Hopeful for the future

Photo: Daily Mail

To their surprise, the miraculous baby was able to survive. He is now a healthy boy who can talk. With the help of a medical clinic in Australia, Noah will be learning to walk, surf, and do other physical activities.

His brain had also significantly grown to 80% of a normal-size brain.
People who have learned the story of Noah’s brain that miraculously grew were amazed.

The family was even invited to a talk show to share their journey with the public.
The positivity and fighting spirits of both parents had significantly helped Noah survive the illness.

Noah became a beacon of inspiration for others as well. Recently, he was assigned as the ambassador of Variety, a children’s charity organization.

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