Argentina Mob Captures Wanted Man Who Assaulted 9-Year-OId Girl


In Argentina, a 25-year-old citizen was hunted down and beaten by an Argentina mob. Reports stated that the man had abused and taken the life of a nine-year-old girl.

Horrific crime

According to a report, the nine-year-old toddler named Abigail Raquel was permitted by her parents to go to the house of a friend on a Saturday morning. Little did her family know that it was the last time they will see their child alive.

The remains of the young victim were discovered on a vacant lot. Her body was found in an area a thousand feet from her residence. When police discovered her, her clothes were all over the ground. The victim’s face and body were covered in dirt.

Investigators discovered that Abigail was last seen with Jose Guaymas before her lifeless body was discovered.

Three days before allegedly assaulting Abigail, he was released from prison. But this horrific case is not his only brush with the law. Guaymas was formerly released from prison after being jailed for case of robbery.

Photo: The Sun

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Argentina Mob

After learning of the incident and the murderer of Abigail, an Argentina mob had attacked and battered Guaymas to unconsciousness in San Miguel de Tucumán.

Although there was still no final verdict from a court, the alleged rapist and killer of Abigail was hunted down by the mob who swarmed the streets.

According to the police, more or less 500 Argentinian were part of the mob that served justice for little Abigail.

While some were beating and hurting Guaymos to death. Some people were asking the mob to stop. However, the mob was too strong to be stopped. Some parts of the group who attacked the suspect wanted to light Guaymos on fire.

Guaymas was unconscious when the police arrived on the scene.

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