Pedia Warns That Aceite de Manzanilla May Cause Pneumonia in Babies



For some moms, Aceite de Manzanilla is a staple for their newborns. Whenever their baby is suffering from colds or tummy problems, Aceite de manzanilla is their go-to remedy. Even our mothers and grandmothers rely on this liniment for minor discomfort of their babies.

But is this really safe for your baby? While Aceite de manzanilla has been a trusted brand for years, some pediatricians believe that it may do more harm than good to your baby. Here’s what experts have to say.

Aceite de manzanilla’s link to pneumonia

A concerned mom shared her pediatrician’s advice on Facebook. Her baby’s doctor, Dr. Bibiano Reyes, who has over two decades of experience, warned her against using aceite de manzanilla on her baby. According to the pedia, this liniment may cause adverse effects on the baby’s health.

Liniments like aceite de manzanilla and baby oil are for external use only, but they can cause serious illnesses. With prolonged use, this may even cause pneumonia, a respiratory infection which can be a life-threatening condition for infants.

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According to Dr. Reyes, when you apply baby oil or aceite de manzanilla on your baby’s skin, germs may cling to the liniment.

“He said it’s a big no. Baby oil and manzanilla can cause pneumonia. Most babies (90%) as of today ang sakit is pneumonia, naiiwan ang oil sa katawan ni baby. Ang germs hindi natatanggal since humahalo sa water.”

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Liniments may contain harmful ingredients

Aklan-based pediatrician, Dr. Nikki James Francisco, also seconded this claim. More popularly known as DocHugot on Facebook, Dr. Francisco discouraged moms from applying aceite de manzanilla or any liniments on their infants, as it may contain harmful ingredients.

Dr. Francisco claimed that your baby’s skin is very thin, that’s why they can easily absorb whatever you apply to their skin. The pedia also claimed that some liniments may contain methylsalicylate, which may affect the liver.

Aside from that, Dr. Francisco also debunked the misconception that babies can get pneumonia from taking a bath during the evening or afternoon. Contrary to this persisting belief, different bath times do not increase your infant’s risk to pneumonia.

“There’s no relationship with the time of bath and pneumonia. You can only clean the skin. Contrary to the belief of olds, ligo sa hapon, madaling araw, even yung natutuyuan ng pawis, nakatutok sa fan ang baby-NEVER cause pneumonia,” says Dr. Francisco, speaking to Asian Parent.

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How to keep your baby safe from pneumonia

For Dr. Francisco, the best way to keep your infant safe from pneumonia is by practicing proper hygiene. Pneumonia is caused by microbes and germs, that’s why cleanliness and vaccination are essential for your baby.

“It they want to prevent pneumonia, they really have to lessen the risk to acquire it in the first place. Pneumonia is caused by different microbes- viruses, bacteria, sometimes even fungi- are found essentially everywhere. Hygiene, proper nutrition and vaccination are paramount to the prevention of this potentially life-threatening disease.”

At the end of the day, there’s no harm in following beliefs and traditions. But as parents, it is our responsibility to make informed decisions and smart choices for the safety of our kids.

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