5-Year-Old Girl Weighing Only 7 Lbs Dies of Neglect, Parents Charged With Murder


A case of a five-year-old child who died due to malnutrition and dehydration is under investigation, says MSN. The main suspects of the case are the mother and father of the toddler.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Pedro Ribeiro Simões from Lisboa, Portugal

The Five-Year-Old and Her Parents

The toddler and her parents lived in Buford, Georgia. The discovery of the condition of Kylie Mickens was made after her parents, Jerrail Maurice Mickens and Porsha Danielle brought her to the hospital.

The parents brought the five-year-old toddler to the hospital after it had passed out. In the hospital, the doctors of the Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton reported the condition of the toddler to the Hall County Division of Family and Children Services. The office of the sheriff was also notified of Kylie’s situation.

According to the report of the doctors, Kylie only weighed seven pounds. With her condition, the five-year-old was immediately flown to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

She died despite the extreme efforts her doctors put to save her. It was only a day since she was transferred to the hospital that she passed away.

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The Four-Month Long Investigation For Kylie Mickens

After her death, investigators of the case of Kylie Mickens conducted a four-month-long investigation. The investigation included an autopsy, interviews, and other necessary means to bring justice to the little one.

Based on the autopsy of little Kylie, she died from dehydration and malnutrition. The main cause of her condition is seen as neglect by her parents. The autopsy was conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Medical Examiner’s Office.

Currently, the parents of Kylie are behind bars without bond. They are in the custody of the Hall County Jail. They are both charged with first-degree cruelty of a child and murder.

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